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JH-Analytik offers high standard equipment for the electrophoretic separation of ionic compounds. Additionally we provide individually designed trainings for our different instrument types. Of course, we support your development of applications with our extensive know-how. We're also able to do the entire application development up to the preparation of SOPs etc..

Some of the main advantages of Isotachophoresis are:
No or only negligible sample preparation
Injection of large volumes resulting in excellent detection- and quantification limits
Short analysis time (ca. 20 min.)
Various operation modes:
Two-dimensional Isotachophoresis (ITP-ITP) or coupling of
Isotachophoresis with Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (ITP-CZE)
Low running and maintenance costs
Various application fields

The following data sheets can be downloaded for further technical information:

   ItaChrom II-A Automatic Isotachophoresis system
             ItaChrom II-M Manual Isotachophoresis system

Please don't hesitate to contact us for detailed information.